Specialist in business immigration to Slovakia

Check out how you can get Residence in Schengen - Slovakia


Proven Experience

We follow development in Slovak immigration Law and in practical procedures used by Aliens Police and other related Authorities. We have huge practical experience and we developed working solutions for each Client to get positive decision by Authorities.  We offer an unmatched understanding of our field providing the latest practices & approaches.

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Easiest eligibility criteria

Slovakia has easiest eligibility criteria for business visa in Schengen Area. Language tests, university education or obligatory huge investments are not required. Business immigration is available for everybody, also for small retailers, services providers etc.  Client needs just start application with us and provide to us some simple documents..

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Slovak business visa makes your European dream come true

Your first visa will be valid for 1 – 1,5 year. You can use this time to establish your life in EU. You can travel without any restriction in Schengen area. You can legally bring your Family members. Your school-aged children can study free here. Your Slovak company, you can establish Branch in any EU country.

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Comprehensive services, competitive rates, fair terms

Our products includes all necessary legal requirements. We give to your company also Slovak domicile and statutory body. All prices of products placed on this page are definitive. You will be not surprised with hidden costs. You can get with us residence permit for lowest cost in Schengen with a minimal risk. We are only provider offering guarantee of result.

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Welcome to KOZAR Counselling s.r.o.

Please, check our newsletter about the Business residence to Slovakia. We produced it to explain you as much as possible detailed and clearly the procedure and system of our work.

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More about us

Who we are

We are a well-established specialist for business startup and business immigration to Slovakia. We are one few specialist for non-EU residents and only one Slovak provider doing applicants coming from Middle East. We are maestro of top-level professional work with local Authorities and we know how to the get legally the people from third world to Schengen area in European Union.

What we do

  • Our main product is “Business Residence” for 1-1 ½ year including company (LTD of Trade License), required Business Plan and all necessary issues and including necessary after maintenance in Slovakia required by Law
  • We offer a new product: “Small business + real estate”. It is unique product in Europe, which allows you for minimal investment keep your residence as long as you can get permanent residence at minimal
  • We can make for your family members (spouse and children under 18) short-term visas or same residence than for you
  • Extension of business residence permit (for eligible applicants only)
  • Management of your business in order to get eligibility for extension
  • Wide range of related services to business or to your life in Slovakia
  • Start up of simple company (LTD of Trade License) without residence

We make for you everything what you need for successful procedure and after you are coming to Slovakia, we will help you to care for your business or with other personal tasks.

For more detailed information check section services.

Why we do it

Slovakia’s existing immigration criteria are easiest in Schengen area but problem is that the law is very difficult to understand and the procedure is very bureaucratic here.  Our intention was to call middle class – people that are not eligible for legal business in Germany, UK etc., but they can be eligible in our country easily.

We payed many efforts and time to develop working system to get a success for any non-EU applicants. Today we have our own Know How and successful manuals, which works.

We want that all our efforts to use for the serious candidates who are interested in business and immigration to Slovakia. For us are not important race or religion, just if the client is serious and cooperate seriously. This is our main motivation to help serious and honest people from around the entire world to get chance for legal stay and life in Europe.

Where we do it

We provide our services either directly in Bratislava or remotely for clients who are in their countries of origin. To customers with whom we have already an agreement we are available on Skype or Viber.

Our Capabilities

LTD Companies and Trade Licenses in Slovakia for non-EU nationals 100%
Slovak (Schengen) Residence for non-EU nationals ranging from one to 1½ year 100%
Professional processing of Business Plans for Slovak Environment 95%
After-Sales Services & Management of your Business 80%
Extensions of Residence Permits 75%
Real Estate Brokerage 65%